Thursday, 21 January 2010

The official line

Over the winter not alot has been happening at the track due to poor weather, however lots is happening behind the scenes. The more observant of you may have notice douglas track has been flattened and a fence errected around the work area, you may have also noticed in the press that they are looking at building a new track and have money, I can't say more than that, but you join the dots.

A facebook page was setup "as an info data base and for general chat and sharing of various photos, videos etc and banter." However the site's open nature has been abused by some people hiding behind fake names and making non productive comments that may have caused offence, this will not be tolerated and the site is under close monitoring over the next month. It was decided at the committee meeting last night that members making abusive and non productive comments should be removed but the group should remain open to the public. This is up for review at the next meeting. For those of you whose intentions are pure, feel free to have a browse, enjoy the page and become a fan.

ALL official club statements will be made via the website, e-mail and/or posted at the club.

Stay tuned for more news, COMING SOON.

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