Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Gate Practice is on

Although the weather is bad, if people turn up we will be doing gate practice, dont let a bit of rain and wind put you off. Come down and get some practice, we will be holding a 6 race winter series come rain or shine from December.

6pm, Mooragh Park BMX Track
Everyone welcome

Todays picture is from Saturday evening at about half 6, these are just some of the helpers that where left.

Monday, 29 September 2008

This weekend

After Thursdays building action a few riders met up on Thursday night to make the most of the good weather and rode the new corner and 2nd straight until it was dark. On Saturday Max from Lezayre Landscapes came over to the track on a mission and he and Juan where there from 8:30am until 7 trying to get the track ready to race on Sunday.

The 1st duty of care was to the drainage issue on the 1st corner, it took a long time to get sorted and didn't really look like much had been done afterwards but it had. There is now a 6 foot deep drainage hole on the inside of the 1st corner and we have widened the track by about 2 metres making for loads more room for moves around the 1st corner.With it being a nice day loads of kids had come down to ride and naturally come over to see what was going on, well there where loads of yellow machines, so of course its exciting. The local riders offered to help so we gave them jobs, mainly spreading out surface but all help is greatly appreciated.After the first corner was finished we moved onto the double into the bomb-hole. What could have been a big effort turned into quite a quick affair with children and parents helping fine tune, trample down and put surface on and we where finished in half the time it would have taken if it where just Juan and Max.A big thank you to all the riders and parents that helped out, keep checking back for details of more work parties. The more people that help, the more we can get done and the better the track will be. And remember guys, the track is a work in progress, all feedback is welcomed and changing things is always on the cards.
On Sunday we raced, for a full report check Friday Manx Independant, but in the mean time here are a couple of pictures.The 8 and unders final, with Luke Murray taking the lead from his brother Tom in 2nd.

Steven Kelly taking the win in the Superclass final, Luke Stewart in 2nd.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Update Update

Welcome to the Ramsey BMX Club's blogspot. In the past year the clubs website has fallen by the wayside with problems with hackers and and increased price of website management a blogspot seems the way forway for the club, following on from the increased use of Blogspot within the UK BMX scene with riders like our own Juan, 19+ star Dan Clifford, team's such as Alans BMX Race Team and clubs like Cheshire Ghost Riders.
For a sneek preview of Phase 2 of the track re-development of the track check out Juan's Blog. Feel free to come down on Saturday to help out surfacing to get the track up to a good standard for Sundays racing.
Finally, congratulations to Matt Black, Tom Murray, Bradon Cain and Juan Watney, the 2008 Manx Champions. A big thank you to Anne Craine for coming down to the club on Sunday for the Manx Champs and presenting the prizes. Thank you to Colas and Splinters DIY for their continued support during the track development.
Keep checking back as updates will be coming thick and fast.