Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Whats going on?

So we have had such a massive push over winter and the club has moved from strength to strength. We are halfway to having 2 qualified British Cycling Level 2 Cycling coaches and in May Juan will be going to the UK to a BMX coaches forum for selected BMX coaches in the UK to bounce idea's off each other with British Cyclings top BMX coaching team. You may have already noticed Stu Brew from the mountainbike club also coming to coach, it is great that members of other clubs have identified our great structure and acknowledged our big push at a grass roots level.In the next month or so we will have a newly appointed Club welfare officer, to deal with any issues of good practice and child protection in all aspects of club activities. This will make us the first cycling club on the island to have this facility and we will be a picture of where all the other clubs should be aiming.The biggest change for most of you guys though are the track alterations. Hopefully this is just the continuation of a big re-design to continue bringing the club bang up to date with other UK tracks and even some Euro venues. Colas have been down there today with the roller and are working the track to get it riding sweet.Over the summer we have lots of other events planned, such as an open day on the 9th of June, aimed at presenting BMX to the masses, as the park should be filled for the Ramsey Sprint. A club trip away to Goldcoast BMX club in Lytham on Tynwald Day weekend, an evening of racing on the 7th of July as Ramsey Town Commissioners put on events all over the park as well as club riders attending all national events, possibly the European round and Cheddar and the British Championships.

So on Saturday could you all please make an effort to get down to the track and lend a hand with final preperations for the COME AND TRY DAY on Sunday the 29th of April. Which will be starting at 11am, we will have signing on for this season, gate & track practice, cycle & BMX specific coaching as well as big race.

Monday, 16 March 2009


Its that time of year again, thanks to all who have helped over the past couple of weeks, we had 4 days of putting down alot of effort at the track and have made some big changes, it was great to see the track buzzing with visitors on Sunday as the newly done 3rd straight was riding ok. There is a bit more work to do to tidy things up and get some surface down but that should be done by the dads on Sunday.

We will have open practice from 11am on Sunday with another coaching session delivered by Stu Brew at 12 o'clock so come down, enjoy the sun, pick up a spade ;) and have some fun.

The annual come and try day is on the 29th of March, the press will be down and hopefully we will have the prize presentation from the winter series that day as well. Please print off some posters (CLICK to enlarge) and stick them up wherever you can, the more people we get racing the more fun it will be.
Cheers, see you all Sunday.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Moving on up

First things first, can all club members please fill in a RIDER CONSENT FORM and return it to the club as soon as possible. All riders must have a completed form to take part in club activities.

In other news as the winter series has come to an end the summer moves ever nearer, in the short gap we have before our summer really starts with the annual club "come and try" day on the 29th of March we are undertaking a big facelift. A good work party made it down this weekend with the major work taking place on Saturday with the help of you guys and a digger. For those of you who didn't make it down check the pics...
Paul working hard measuring out the tracks new "big double"
Mr Longden helps out whacking down the side of the new double on the 3rd straightA side view of the new double on the 3rd straight, the downside and the jump after to be completed this weekend

On Sunday with the track being partly torn up we did not hold gate practice, instead, Stu Brew came down from the MMBC to run a session, both to give the riders someone else to listen to but to show him how good our riders are. Here they are doing a go ride session - "ride the circle"

Next Saturday there will be work going on at the track from 9am, if you can spare some time please come down and lend a hand as we push to get the 3rd straight completed and tidy up the edges to give the track some time to bed in before the season starts.

There will be practice and some work going on Sunday from 11 - 1 depending on how much we get done on Saturday.


Thursday, 5 March 2009

And the winner is...

So here are the final results from the 2008/09 Ramsey BMX Alloms Jewellers Winter Series. It has been a really good series with some great racing and some top talent showing through over the winter. We have had some great feedback from the riders and spectators about the first winter series that the club has ever held. Hopefully this longer run in to the season will really pay through for the guys that have put the effort in over the long wet winter. So from this point forward it is only going to get better.
Formula 1
1 Brandon Cain 361
2 George Sharp 284
3 Tom Murray 270
4 Juan Watney 265
5 Marcus Simpson 240
6 Paul Crook 192
7 Tommasz Boruch 170
8 Matthew Jones 109
9 Chris Murray 97
10 Tom Skillicorn 66
11 Steven Kelly 64
12 Luke Stewart 59
13 Russell Sanson 57
14 Gareth Fargher 52
15 Chris Sharpe 50

Formula 2
1 Tyler Cain 286
2 Liam McCann 278
3 Jack Kissack 247
4 Luke Murray 230
5 Matthew Flint 224
6 Alex Thompson 211
7 Rory McCann 211
8 Sophie Black 149
9 Holly Black 81
10 Sarah Brunswick 47
11 Ryan Dean 42
12 Conylt Welsh 38

Formula 3

1 Tony Brown 219
2 Charlie Gibson 203
3 Cian Brock 200
4 Nick Kissack 200
5 Max Walker 194
6 Zach Watterson 123
7 Liam Crook 116
8 Tom Longden 73
9 Matthew Norrey 60
10 David Oakes 40
11 Ethan Welsh 39
12 Owen Stewart 38
13 Brynley Mayhew 36
14 Roan Gell 30
15 Aaron Kneen 28
16 Nathan Wilson 25

Formula 41 Matt Black 197
2 Harry Brown 182
3 Jamie McCann 120
4 Alistair Flint 118
5 James Harrison 115
6 Warren Tasker 87
7 Zack Walker 86
8 Cameron Hawes 81
9 Marcus Hanlon 34
10 William Giddins 22
11 Dillon Dowson 14

Dont forget on Saturday we will be having a work party at the track with a digger and some major re-construction on the 1st, 3rd and last straights before the come and try day on the 29th March and the first round of the Summer Series on the 5th April. PLEASE try and come down at any point on saturday if only for an hour to lend a hand and get as much done as we can.

Sunday we will be running some bike handling skills sessions on the grass and the track will hopefully be ridable on some sections so come along then too.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Its final time

Today is the last round of the Alloms Winter Series so make sure you come down to get some valuable points. As always its tight at the top, here are the current standings and points:

Formula 1

1 Brandon Cain 293
2 Tom Murray 270
3 Juan Watney 265
4 Marcus Simpson 240
5 George Sharp 222
6 Paul Crook 135
7 Tommasz Boruch 117
8 Matthew Jones 109
9 Tom Skillicorn 66
10 Steven Kelly 64
11 Luke Stewart 59
12 Russell Sanson 57
13 Gareth Fargher 52
14 Chris Sharpe 50

Formula 2

1 Tyler Cain 232
2 Luke Murray 230
3 Liam McCann 218
4 Rory McCann 211
5 Jack Kissack 202
6 Matthew Flint 191
7 Alex Thompson 164
8 Max Walker 142
9 Chris Murray 47
10 Sarah Brunswick 47
11 Ryan Dean 42
12 Conylt Welsh 38

Formula 3

1 Charlie Gibson 203
2 Tony Brown 174
3 Nick Kissack 168
4 Cian Brock 167
5 Sophie Black 109
6 Zach Watterson 92
7 Matthew Norrey 60
8 Holly Black 45
9 David Oakes 40
10 Ethan Welsh 39
11 Owen Stewart 38
12 Brynley Mayhew 36
13 Tom Longden 32
14 Roan Gell 30
15 Aaron Kneen 28
16 Nathan Wilson 25

Formula 4

1 Harry Brown 160
2 Matt Black 159
3 Jamie McCann 120
4 Alistair Flint 91
5 Liam Crook 91
6 Warren Tasker 87
7 Cameron Hawes 72
8 James Harrison 71
9 Zack Walker 62
10 William Giddins 22

Good luck everyone.