Friday, 17 July 2009

Good practice

So we had a nice relaxed night last night, thanks to all the dads who picked up tools and helped. After a busy day with the digger Crooky and help widened the first straight, 1st corner and then attacked the last berm!!! I honestly think we know have one of the biggest last berms in the country, good times, it should make for some good racing and even faster last straight action.There is racing this Sunday with registraton from 1030. Keep your eyes on the news to see some of 11 - 16 year olds who access The Academy, a coaching based scheme set up byThe IoM Cycling Association. With Cav doing so well in the tour the BBC are keen to cover more cycling in the news, I can't tell you times but keep your eyes peeled.
And for those of you who are thinking about buying kit, next years BMX ISLE OF MAN race top will be the Fly racing Kinetic jersey in black and white. So get yourselves some Fly racing F-16 pants in black. The top is not available yet but we'll keep you in the loop from early next year.

Friday, 10 July 2009

Practice Thursday

Time is flying by, and we had a great race last Tuesday night with 44 riders in attendance for the first ever Ramsey BMX evening race. This was a one off to take advantage of the huge numbers attending to watch the evening of events in the park. All I have heard since then is positive comments from the locals about the club.We had a nice easy practice session in the sun last Thursday and again a nice relaxed session on Sunday with everyone putting some good times down. There is practice on Thursday this week 6 - 7:30 and then racing on Sunday from 1030.You may also notice that the track keeps changing, we know that some people are not completely happy with all the changes but the increase in everyones riding ability is helped out by how challenging the track is becoming, your all great riders and getting better everyday so challenge yourself and try new things. On that note, you may notice a digger at the track on Thursday this week, if you do go down before practice, beware not to get in its way as it is there to make a couple more changes. Crooky is in charge.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009


Well done to all the riders who raced at Goldcoast on Sunday, the whole crew did well, big shout out to Zak Walker, Jamie McCann, Brandon Cain and Juan Watney who all got 1st in their race categories.

Full race results can be found here.

Video's can be found over at, with the 11 boys having 3 of our riders in the main.And for pictures, check out, and


The 7th round of the RAMSEY BMX SUMMER SERIES is tonight. Reg 1800 - 1830, racing to start at 1845. All bikes welcome, £3 entry fee.