Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Hi all,

We were impressed with the braveheart's that turned up for this Sunday's winter round, only to be disappointed that Saturday night's downpour left the track submerged in a few places and racing couldn't take place. Next Sunday (1st feb) will hold round 4 of the Alloms sponsored race series with round 5 the following week as scheduled.
We aim to have the troubled areas sorted by late spring with a (higher track and some extra drainage) so that another summer of rain won't stop the action to stop fun like this going down, if you are going to lose a glove on the track - I could think of better places to lose it. Top effort from this rider and I am sure his mum gave him a reward once he was back on dry land.

Some great efforts from the spectacle race provided from new cruiser rider Paul Crook, Juan & Steve Kelly - wasn't sure whether they were pedalling or paddling in some parts - Paul got the win by an 'armband'. A lot of kids were unfazed by the water with Matty mayhem - getting into hot water with his Dad, Wozza going for one last ride - water up to his knees, Charlie - playing water polo/football with Tyler & Liam Crook, Holly on a debut spill into a trough of water, and the rest of the brave riders having a great splash - hope you all have WD40 to hand on those cranks etc

For those who travelled to the Brits - the grant application should be getting signed off by the Cycling association and once we get the grant I should be able to distribute. The dates for the summer series have been provisionally agreed and should be up on here within the next couple of weeks so keep checking back.
Top Marks to the Kissack crew this week with their brand spanking new 'Felt' racers - top gear and it was a pity that they didn't get to race on them - a lot lighter that their previous bikes so expect improved rides from these kids. If you are after a new race bike locally, Outdoors in Ramsey stocks DK and can get hold of any of the their full range and Bikestyle are the official Haro and Felt stockists.
Keep checking back

Monday, 12 January 2009

Sunday was slightly windy... To say the least, big shout out to Paul and Liam who turned up to battle the elements. The current series standings in the winter series are...

Formula 1

1 Juan Watney 202
2 Brandon Cain 171
3 Liam McCann 170
4 Rory McCann 158
5 Matthew Jones 109
6 Tom Skillicorn 66
7 Steven Kelly 64
8 Luke Stewart 59
9 Russell Sanson 57
10 Gareth Fargher 52
11 Chris Sharpe 50

Formula 2

1 George Sharp 170
2 Tom Murray 154
3 Marcus Simpson 130
4 Luke Murray 130
5 Alex Thompson 117
6 Jack Kissack 112
7 Max Walker 97
8 Sophie Black 72
9 Sarah Brunswick 47
10 Ryan Dean 42
11 Conylt Welsh 38

Formula 3

1 Tyler Cain 129
2 Charlie Gibson 125
3 Harry Brown 110
4 Matthew Flint 107
5 Cian Brock 99
6 Tommasz Boruch 63
7 Matthew Norrey 60
8 Ethan Welsh 39
9 Owen Stewart 38
10 Brynley Mayhew 36
11 Roan Gell 30
12 Aaron Kneen 28
13 Nathan Wilson 25

Formula 4

1 Matt Black 101
2 Jamie McCann 92
3 Nick Kissack 88
4 Tony Brown 86
5 Alistair Flint 58
6 Warren Tasker 56
7 Zak Walker 45
8 Cameron Hawes 42
9 William Giddins 22
10 James Harrison 20
11 Zach Watterson 19
12 Liam Crook 19

Dont forget to come racing next week to boost up your points totals, bring a friend, bring two, lets get this years racing off to a good start. Who will be the 1st big winner of 2009?

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Race 3 results

Sunday 28th of December was round 3 of the Alloms Jewellers sponsored Ramsey BMX winter series. Due to technical problems racing was cut short and final points where dished out on a grand prix style points system.Formula 4 saw the biggest class of the day with 9 riders all battling for the #1 spot, Cian Brock took the points with Harry Brown, Nick Kissack and Matt Black close behind, Matt is now 12 points clear at the top of F4. In F3 Max Walker took the win just ahead of Jack Kissack, Tyler Cain is the rider sitting at the top of Formula 3 only 4 points ahead of young Charlie Gibson.

In Formula 2 Brandon Cain was unbeaten with Rory McCann in 2nd and Tom Murray in 3rd, George Sharp is leading F2 at the moment with Tom Murray slightly adrift in 2nd. Juan Watney won Formula 1 to extend is unbeaten run and sits clear at the top of the table at the midway point. The next race is on the 18th of January at Ramsey BMX track, with gate practices being held every Sunday from 11 till 1.

For a full listing of results don't forget to check Fridays Manx Independant.