Monday, 16 March 2009


Its that time of year again, thanks to all who have helped over the past couple of weeks, we had 4 days of putting down alot of effort at the track and have made some big changes, it was great to see the track buzzing with visitors on Sunday as the newly done 3rd straight was riding ok. There is a bit more work to do to tidy things up and get some surface down but that should be done by the dads on Sunday.

We will have open practice from 11am on Sunday with another coaching session delivered by Stu Brew at 12 o'clock so come down, enjoy the sun, pick up a spade ;) and have some fun.

The annual come and try day is on the 29th of March, the press will be down and hopefully we will have the prize presentation from the winter series that day as well. Please print off some posters (CLICK to enlarge) and stick them up wherever you can, the more people we get racing the more fun it will be.
Cheers, see you all Sunday.

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