Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Derby Nationals rounds 1 + 2

Its been and gone, it was a tough weekend but the team have done us proud. We met up at the Blacks on Friday morning at 7am and headed over to pick up the Crooks and Wattersons. Paul needed that extra wake up call or he may have missed the trip completely. We all got on the boat and set sail...
The boys kept themselves busy playing computer games as the older ones debated track alterations.
All the watching of video's and racing at Ramsey didn't really have anyone fully prepared for Derby track, it was big, long and once again after a long winter break everyone had really upped their game on the national circuit leaving the manx with a lot of work to do. So on the way down it was good to just clear your head and not worry about what was going to happen, Crooky senior had convinced himself he was going to have a big off, Juan had convinced himself he wasn't going to be in it on the first straight, Matt was excited to prove himself after last years brits, and the rest of the crew where looking forward to their first ever UK BMX National.

The weekend went well with everyone doing themselves proud, it was a big stage to prove yourself on and it was definately an eye opener for some. Matt took a 3rd both days in the B final of the 6 and unders and is currently in 11th overall. Liam got 7th in the B on Saturday and lost out in the run off on Sunday in the 7's to be sitting 17th. Zach goto moto'd both days in a tough 9's class and is 22nd. Holly was moto's both days but sits 21st in the series for 10-12 girls. Sophie who turned 13 on saturday came 4th in the B both days in the 13-15 girls and is in 12th overall. Juan got a 6th on Saturday and a 4th on Sunday in 16-29 cruiser and is currently equaling his ranking of 5th.Well done to all, if you didn't make it, speak to someone who did, attending at least one away race this year is a must, it really is a great weekend out with some top quality racing. All the guys who where there will be happy to talk about their experience. Matt Black may even be taking up cruiser ;)See you at gate practice on Thursday - 1800 - 2000, £1. Don't forget racing on Sunday - 1030 sign on for 1130 racing.

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