Friday, 17 October 2008

What's going on?

Park Lane, the access road running parallel to the 2nd straight of the track has been closed by RTC for the winter to let the grass recover after this wet summer and is due to be opened again in spring of 2009. This means that we ask all visitors to Ramsey BMX track to park in the car park next to skate park and be mindful of other road users for both your and their safety.

The planned track work for Saturday has been pencilled in for Sunday so if you have some free time pop by and lend a hand. Due to the nature of the help given to us by Lezayre Landscapes our work force has to be pretty flexible around Max's other jobs. Some of the broadsheet readers among you may have noticed that in Monday's Isle of Man Examiner there was an article on the work the the club does to make Ramsey BMX track a great resource for the Island so thank you to Sam Comaish-Coole who wrote a letter to the paper a few weeks ago, not just for that but for picking up a rake and helping build. For those of you that missed it it can be found here.

The final series standings for the Summer 2008 series will be in next Friday's Manx Independant so dont forget to pick it up.

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