Thursday, 25 September 2008

Update Update

Welcome to the Ramsey BMX Club's blogspot. In the past year the clubs website has fallen by the wayside with problems with hackers and and increased price of website management a blogspot seems the way forway for the club, following on from the increased use of Blogspot within the UK BMX scene with riders like our own Juan, 19+ star Dan Clifford, team's such as Alans BMX Race Team and clubs like Cheshire Ghost Riders.
For a sneek preview of Phase 2 of the track re-development of the track check out Juan's Blog. Feel free to come down on Saturday to help out surfacing to get the track up to a good standard for Sundays racing.
Finally, congratulations to Matt Black, Tom Murray, Bradon Cain and Juan Watney, the 2008 Manx Champions. A big thank you to Anne Craine for coming down to the club on Sunday for the Manx Champs and presenting the prizes. Thank you to Colas and Splinters DIY for their continued support during the track development.
Keep checking back as updates will be coming thick and fast.

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